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“Philanthropy follows leadership, not the other way around.”


Peter M. Kellogg

Chairman & CEO

The Kellogg Organization, Inc.

Extensive research and organization are the backbone of any successful fundraising campaign. The Kellogg Organization’s role is to guide the client’s Board, key volunteers, and senior staff leadership through the campaign research, structuring, and implementation stages.




Major capital and endowment campaigns are generally divided into three stages. Stage III, the Campaign itself, is completely dependent on the thoroughness of Stages I and II since the comprehensive research, identification of the right volunteer leadership, the acquisition of major leadership gifts, and the development of a compelling marketing case for support are the cornerstones to a successful campaign.

Stage I – Research

Normally accomplished through one-on-one, confidential, interviews with 35-75 individual, corporate, foundation, and public sector leaders, Stage I confirms the proposed campaign’s goal, donor potential, and volunteer leadership.


Stage I Attributes

• Pre-Campaign
• Development Analysis

• PowerPoint

• CORNERSTONES Campaign Philanthropic Marketing/Feasibility Study

Stage II – Organization

Developed and expanded from the observations and recommendations of the Philanthropic Marketing/Feasibility Study, the Campaign Master Plan provides the long-range plan of work for the entire campaign and the specific week-to-week tasks that must be carried out to the campaign’s conclusion.


Stage II Attributes

• Campaign Master Plan

• Campaign Cabinet/
  Steering Committee

• Lead Gift Cultivation,
  Solicitation and

Stage III – The Campaign

The campaign itself is conducted based on

the research and recommendations from

the Philanthropic Marketing/Feasibility Study and uses the steps and timetable detailed in the Campaign Master Plan.

Specific Steps to a Successful Campaign

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