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“Thank you for the

help of The Kellogg Organization, Inc.

in the successful completion of our capital campaign!


"Your help was invaluable. We really cannot say enough kind things about your involvement with us."


Brad Meuli,

President and CEO

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“We made the right decision selecting The Kellogg Organization.


"They brought a wealth of campaign expertise, many excellent connections, and the skills to work directly with our board and largest potential donors. Thanks to TKO, we succeeded!”


Sloan Gibson

Former President and CEO



Operation Enduring Care

What is The Kellogg Organization’s philosophy on the use of Philanthropic Marketing/Feasibility Studies?


Successful fundraising campaigns result from 80% research and organization—then 20% solicitation. Campaigns that fail to achieve their goals are generally undertaken in the reverse order.


To start a business from scratch—for that is truly what an institution is doing when launching a major campaign—a client’s ultimate success depends on two vital factors: research and organization. An effective strategic Master Campaign Plan is based on the results of the research. A properly executed Philanthropic Marketing/Feasibility Study generates good organizational planning and accurate research by test-marketing the client’s fundraising objectives in the highly competitive philanthropic marketplace.


Why spend so much time (12-14 weeks) on the Philanthropic Marketing/Feasibility Study and Master Plan?


The elements that will assure successful achievement of a campaign goal are:

• top-notch volunteer leadership

• a convincing and compelling case for support

• transformational lead gifts

The up-front investment of time in research, organizational planning, and consensus-building to secure these three elements is essential to a successful campaign.


How does The Kellogg Organization manage its projects and communicate with its clients?


Weekly and monthly progress strategy meetings and conference calls are held between the client’s executive leadership, Campaign Chair, Campaign Steering Committee, and The Kellogg Organization.


This process, which is detailed in the Campaign Master Plan, assures regular performance evaluation and mutual accountability on the progress of the original campaign objectives. It also allows for inevitable mid-course corrections or revisions to achieve the established goals.


What are The Kellogg Organization’s criteria for using Senior Executive Consultants?


The use of Kellogg Organization Senior Executive Consultants is determined by two main factors:

1: the extent to which the client has staff readily available with the time and necessary expertise in planning and executing capital or endowment campaigns, and

2:  what the Philanthropic Marketing/Feasibility Study has revealed about the extent to which full-time management, on-site, is necessary to accomplish the campaign’s fundraising goals and objectives.


How do the client’s volunteer leadership and staff and The Kellogg Organization’s management and Senior Executive Consultants interact?


Senior Executive Consultants, who are personally managed and supervised by the firm’s principals, are expected to coordinate, cooperate, collaborate. and communicate with, as well as provide daily support and guidance to, the client’s volunteer leadership and campaign staff. This team planning approach is essential to a successful client/fundraising counsel relationship.


What is the client’s role in selecting the best Senior Executive Consultant for its project?


When selecting a Senior Executive Consultant, the client retains ultimate approval as well as change-authority with The Kellogg Organization. This process includes an interview and an informational orientation session for the client with the recommended Senior Executive Consultant.


Why is such an involved process necessary simply to raise capital?


For the long-term interests of its client institutions, in terms of their public and donor relations, The Kellogg Organization, Inc. does not do “fast cash” campaigns.


Impetuous and premature solicitations, no matter how well-intended, are detrimental to an institution’s development future as well as mission and vision. Careful and comprehensive organizational planning—through advocacy and prospect cultivation—and thoughtful, well-researched solicitations are what assure maximum gifts to our clients and solid, long-term major donor relationships.



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